CTI has extensive and comprehensive knowledge and experience in all areas of safety, security, training, counter-terrorism, design, and emergency and crisis management, with an emphasis on proactive measures for the management and protection of personnel, operations, information, facilities, and equipment during routine operations and emergency conditions.

CTI’s knowledge of security technologies has been crucial in its work with local, state, and federal agencies, airports and numerous commercial clients since 1986. We constantly update our knowledge of physical security hardware, including the latest equipment, mitigation techniques and industry trends, as well as current terrorist tactics based on intelligence information. Whether you are looking for time-tested and proven methodologies, or the newest innovative approaches, we can support your organization’s existing, planned, or recommended security projects


Security Assessments

CTI provides full-scale, comprehensive threat, vulnerability, and risk assessments for clients. We evaluate three critical security factors; the type and level of potential threats against a facility; the areas and components which make the facility vulnerable to external and internal threats; and the effectiveness of its technical, procedural and personnel capabilities. This includes individual studies on physical security, technical security capabilities, security/police operations and administration, among others.

CTI is adept at completing large assessment projects under aggressive deadlines. For example, CTI conducted vulnerability studies of over 1,500 Federal offices and buildings within a 10-month period.

Security Assessments
  • Comprehensive Security Surveys
  • Threat Vulnerability & Risk Assessment
  • Bomb Blast Effectiveness Analysis
  • Vehicle Barriers
  • Roadway Considerations

Security and Awareness Training

CTI assists clients in identifying training needs of various departments based on careful analysis and the present level of staff capability. CTI also performs job task analysis of various positions to assist clients with personnel training and performance evaluation.

CTI has been assisting its clients with training and security awareness programs for their employees and the public for over 25 years. Our services include conducting comprehensive training needs analysis and designing training programs for security and police personnel. Topics include physical security, access control, counter terrorism, policies and procedures, insider threat, and employee/public security awareness. Airport Security Coordinator training is also offered for aviation clients.

Training Support
  • Training and Training Needs Analysis
  • Law Enforcement Resource Development
  • Counter Terrorism Support

Security and Emergency Planning

CTI’s approach to the development of an Emergency Plan includes developing procedures to evaluate and respond to incidents and/or threats; procedures within the plans to address the nature and credibility of the threat and anticipated response; and procedures by which appropriate agencies such as police and fire departments, OSHA, CDC, etc, can be contacted for purposes of notification and/or consultation.

Additionally, CTI-generated Emergency Plans generally include direction regarding: command and control; step-by-step procedures for a host of emergency situations; maps and/or drawings showing routes and facilities (where applicable); recommended recovery efforts; and training requirements. . Emphasis is placed on structuring the plans in accordance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and FEMA guidelines.

Emergency & Crisis Management Support
  • Emergency Plan Development
  • Security Exercise Development
  • Disaster Recovery Planning

Security Systems Design
and Oversight

An access control system is recognized as a key aspect of an organization’s security program. CTI also assists clients with the integration of adjunct and related systems such as video surveillance, perimeter intrusion, physical security barriers, and motion detection. We perform assessments of current systems; cost benefit analysis of upgrades, replacements, or expansions; and evaluation of replacement technology. CTI is also presently working with federal government, corporations and major airports in the use of biometric access control systems, video storage, and video analytics..

Security System Design & Integration
  • CCTV Design
  • ID Badging System Design
  • Access Control Systems
  • Communication Center Design
  • Crisis Management Center Design
  • Perimeter Control Systems
  • Bid Preparation and Evaluation
  • Construction Management/Oversight

Security Program Enhancement

CTI assists clients with security staffing studies, whether they are security response, officers, or access media issuance and control personnel. Staffing studies are available to determine the right fit for the organization’s mission and budget. CTI presently serves as security consultant for organizations of all sizes who rely on CTI for technical and program advice. These services are provided on retainer or task order type contracts and may require assigning consulting staff permanently to a facility or having dedicated staff on call for that client, depending on need.

CTI also assists clients in developing, reviewing, and updating their policies and procedures, developing procedures manuals, developing employee directives, and updating facilities’ master security plans.

Security Program Support
  • Security Consultant Support
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Information Systems Management
  • Computer Security
  • Staffing and Equipment Analysis
  • On-Site Staff Support

Security Compliance

While compliance alone does not necessarily provide a complete security solution, it can be an important first step. Achieving that compliance can be a challenge for organizations with limited staff, resources and budgets.

CTI provides regulatory compliance support to clients in preparing position papers, responses to Notice of Proposed Rule-making regulatory compliance documentation, and regulatory analysis. CTI assists clients by researching the impact of proposed regulatory reform to their organization and operations. In addition, CTI provides guidance to ensure satisfactory outcomes regarding audits and inspections.

The staff of CTI is familiar with federal regulations, proposed and in-place, that affect various entities regarding security operations, regardless of industry. State and local regulations are also analyzed to determine the best approach to compliance.